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レザークラフト 実践技法40

■発行 Publication : 2020/06/15   ■160pages  182 x 257 mm
■ISBN : 978-4-88393-881-0        ■Price : ¥3,500 + Tax

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1. Tool part
・How to sharpen leather knives
・Face correction of whetstone
・Treatment of leather knives suitable for cutting with a ruler
・Flat out of the back of the blade of the leather knife
・Sharpening the blade of leather punch
・Sharpening the blade of edger
・Treatment of edge marking tool
・Treatment of prick iron
・Treatment of stitching awl
・Treatment of hand-sewn needle
・Treatment of end cutting pliers
・Treatment of glue spatula
・Inspection and adjustment of carpenter’s square
・Treatment of calipers and convenient use
・Skiving using a hobby plane

2. Making part
・How to cut out highly accurate patterns
・Cutting with pvc plate
・How to cut roll cloth
・About leather cutting and an edged tool
・High-precision hand skiving
・How to sanding the grain side
・Proper coating of adhesives
・Preparation of vinyl acetate adhesives
・Adhesion procedure that does not leave a line in edge
・Adhesion the parts using jigs
・Peeling of glued parts
・Exact return of cloth parts
・How to put fasteners correctly
・How to put fasteners stop parts
・Easy way to make covered button
・How to put metal parts
・Polishing rusty metal parts
・How to remove the missed metal parts
・How to fasten the hand-sewn needle
・How to sink stitches without carving a groove
・High-precision hand-stitching procedures
・Procedure for getting ready to sew
・Procedure for finishing a well-organized stitch
・How to polish thick leather edges
・How to fit the handle core

●Introduction of supervisors